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Wealins, a leading provider of wealth insurance in Luxembourg

It’s official! The Foyer group entity, which specialises in the creation of wealth insurance solutions, is now called WEALINS.

Merger of two wealth insurance providers

The merger between Foyer International S.A. and IWI International Wealth Insurer S.A. (IWI) on 22 August brought the wealth insurance operations together under a single banner, WEALINS. To recap, on 9 August 2016 Foyer S.A. – Luxembourg’s number one privately held wealth insurance group – acquired 100% of the shares in IWI “to pursue and intensify our international business”, as stated by Marc Lauer, Chief Executive Officer of the Foyer group.

WEALINS is ranked amongst the top five insurance companies offering unit linked products and operating under the freedom to provide services from Luxembourg. At the end of 2016, it had assets under management of EUR 8.5 billion and annual revenues of EUR 1.2 billion.

A key player in international life insurance, operating under the freedom to provide services

WEALINS offers life insurance solutions in 11 European countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Sweden). The company develops bespoke solutions and products for high net worth individuals. WEALINS provides a broad range of high-end products and services, combining estate planning, the tax benefits of life insurance, and financial security. To do this, WEALINS pursues partnerships with asset management and wealth structuring professionals.

Our strategy is to put forward solutions that target affluent clients and which are marketed under the freedom to provide services from Luxembourg. We deliver unit-linked life insurance policies, all the while helping our partners in developing wealth planning and investment solutions.

Jean-Louis Courange, CEO of WEALINS

A unique corporate culture

WEALINS draws strength from belonging to the Foyer group, with which it shares the same business values: trust, excellence, innovation, integrity and independence.

We are Luxembourg’s number one private equity group with both family roots and a stable base of shareholders, a fact of which I am particularly proud. Alongside its strong foothold in Luxembourg, Foyer S.A. is pursuing its ambitions of expanding into Europe and marketing its products and services to affluent clients abroad.

François Tesch, Chairman of the Foyer group and WEALINS
Leudelange, 21 september 2017

About Foyer S.A.

Leader of the local insurance market since its start, Foyer S.A. is now present in several European countries through its three businesses: insurance, protection, and wealth management. Since its foundation, Foyer has always served a local client base of families and businesses, offering tailor-made and effective insurance solutions. Nowadays, Foyer’s wide range of products meets the everyday needs of its individual and professional customers, helping them to plan with peace of mind for their own future, or that of their loved ones or their business. The strength and longevity of the Foyer Group mainly lie in the strength of its shareholding. They are also the result of the work of its 634 employees spread over 3 countries and its 686 agents and agency employees working across the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


WEALINS S.A. is a Luxembourg-based life insurance company with over 25 years of experience in implementing Wealth Insurance solutions. WEALINS works with advisory and financial professionals; WEALINS’ offering is designed for a wealthy international client base. We offer solutions for residents of Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

The name WEALINS is a combination of “wealth” and “insurance”. The logotype, which uses neutral colours and displays a unicorn, conveys a positive image of balance, power and freedom. The logo is underlined by FOYER GROUP to emphasise its place within the Foyer Group with its base of family shareholders. Through its new visual identity and graphics, WEALINS wants to stand out from the competition, using pictures of unusual, extraordinary places around the world.

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Wealins, a leading provider of wealth insurance in Luxembourg