WEALINS offers to the signatory the possibility to sign electronically the insurance contractual documents in compliance with the European regulation eIDAS (“eIDAS Regulation”).

In order to provide to the signatory a reliable electronic signature, WEALINS uses an Advanced Electronic Signatures process (AES), as defined by the eIDAS Regulation, to perform the execution of the documentation.

The technical solution implemented is provided by Namirial GmbH, a subsidiary of Namirial Spa, a Qualified Trust Service Provider.

The AES allows unique identification and authentication of the signatory of a document.

WEALINS makes use of the identification by mobile phone number and one-time-password. The signatory will have access to the documents to be signed via an e-mail sent by WEALINS including a link to the signing platform and a digital certificate. The combination of the mobile phone number, one-time password and of the email address links the signature to the signatory and to the electronic document.

During the AES process, the signatory’s certificate is cryptographically bound to the document and the encryption is also used as a tamper-evident seal. Furthermore, the signatory has an exclusive control over the signature’s production system by verifying the data during the whole AES process (name, e-mail address, content of the document, datetime stamp of the signature).

During the validation process, the reciprocal public key is extracted from the signature and used to both authenticate the signature’s identity and confirm that no changes were made to the document since it was signed.

The AES process allows the signatory to obtain evidence of the documentation by downloading the signed documents and control that the document did not suffer modifications.

The electronic signature of the document has the effect of generating an audit trail with a unique electronic seal which makes possible to establish the reality of the operations carried out for the electronic signature of the said document.

The electronically signed document and the audit trail are stored in such a way as to avoid any modification and alteration.

By electronically signing a document in the manner described above, the signatory accepts that this document, stored at WEALINS:

  • binds the signatory in the same way as the document signed with a handwritten signature;
  • constitutes the original of said document;
  • has the same probative value as a handwritten signed document ;
  • the conditions of signature and conservation of the said document present reliable guarantees as to the maintenance of its integrity from the moment when it was created for the first time in its final form.

Any document signed electronically and transmitted to the Company is to be considered final, irrevocable and binds the signatory.

WEALINS cannot be held liable for any prejudice, loss or loss that the signatory may invoke (i) for any reason whatsoever, between the moment his electronically signed request is transmitted to the Company and the time the transaction is executed by the Company, even if the request could not be processed or was processed late due to malfunctioning computer systems or internet connection (ii) if WEALINS suspends execution of operations because it considers that the requests for operation are incomplete or that they do not present a sufficient authenticity at the level of the electronic signature.

In implementing the electronic signature, it is necessary for WEALINS to record the IP address of the signatory for security reasons and for ensuring audit trail. Please be informed that the IP address might locate the signatory position at the moment of signature of the relevant document.