Our offering

For the past three decades, we have been transforming the vision of wealth insurance by offering innovative wealth insurance solutions. We are committed to building the life insurance of tomorrow, and to providing exclusive wealth support that meets the evolution of the market as well as your current and futures needs.  

Our commitment towards a more sustainable future

At WEALINS, we drive sustainability as we build tailor-made partnerships to craft the wealth insurance of tomorrow. In order to reflect our sustainability ambitions through the prism of materiality, we have built our credo on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) articulating them around the promotion of human rights (SDG 5 and 8) and fight against climate change (SDG 13 and 12).

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development have become strategic issues and priorities in recent years. Investors are increasingly looking for wealth solutions that combine potential long term financial performances and positive impact on the society while being able to anticipate the basis for sustainable growth potential they can pass on as their legacy. Sustainable development and the preservation of our planet are the most relevant investment options able to guarantee a sound investment choice while allowing us to guide you toward impactful investment choices.

Striving to find solutions that create a positive impact on our planet while ensuring the preservation of family wealth defines our mission and underpins our investment strategy. This approach to investments is reflected in our product WE-Impact*: a unit-linked life insurance contract recognised as article 8** (as regards the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation – Regulation (EU) 2019/2088).

Discover WE-Impact, our 100% sustainable offering

WE-Impact is a unit-linked life insurance contract offering you a paperless customer experience, from subscription to policy termination. By subscribing to WE-Impact, you have the possibility to invest exclusively in sustainable funds. The product offers a fund universe of minimum 40 sustainable funds which integrate Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance (ESG) criteria to evaluate investments or assess their societal impact.

WE-Impact benefits from two labels

We launched WE-Impact in 2022, with the ambition to meet the highest sustainability quality standards while making a concrete link to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which underpin our commitments and the future of sustainability. In fact, the UN SDGs trace the path towards increased sustainability inasmuch they help meeting the economic and social needs of our society. Thanks to the quality of our engagement, we were awarded two of the main European responsible investment labels which testify to the quality of WE-Impact and representing some of the highest efforts in terms of sustainable investment products: Lux FLAG and Towards Sustainability.

LuxFLAG ESG Insurance Product: a Luxembourg label recognising that the insurance product includes ESG criteria in line with the UN SDGs. This label is tailored especially for insurance products and it is the only one awarded by the Luxembourg based agency.

Towards Sustainability: the Belgian label that aims to ensure clarity and transparency around sustainable investments. Choosing to invest responsibly also means to be able to create a positive, measurable and specific impact, while being able to benefit from long-term financial performance. Capitalising on the incremental and positive rise of AuM (Assets under Management) devoted to sustainable investments, “Towards Sustainability” allows to combine these two elements, while guaranteeing a high level of transparency on the investment choice which is an essential guarantee for both more mature or less savvy investors.

These two labels which underpin the characteristics and quality of WE-Impact, offer clear signals for clients willing to commit themselves to a more responsible investment approach.

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Consult the pre-contractual annex (annex II of the SFDR regulation):

* WE-Impact is a product dedicated to Belgian residents.

** Article 8 products promote social or environmental characteristics and may invest in sustainable investments, but do not have a sustainable investment objective.