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  • Building a plane while flying it

    Building a plane while flying it

    Sustainable finance. This term continues to be at the heart of preoccupations and debates among the players of the financial sector, since the entry into force of a multitude of directives and regulations that have literally overturned not only the governance of companies but also, in some cases, their structuring and the way they design their offering. While the initial objective of providing clear, high-quality documentation to enable investors to make informed investment choices was laudable and necessary, the reality is quite different.

  • Wealth Insurance: humanising innovation

    Wealth Insurance: humanising innovation

    At a time when the greatest transfer of wealth in history is about to take place, regulatory and competitive pressures, as well as rapidly evolving technological advances, continue to challenge the wealth insurance sector. In this context, the implementation of a digital strategy, at the centre of which innovation and Human form a synergy, allows to offer a personalised wealth management support that meets the specific needs of our partners and their clients. Therefore, what are the key factors in a successful digital transformation? What role should Human play in the digital transformation process?

  • International mobility & wealth insurance: the winning combination

    International mobility & wealth insurance: the winning combination

    In 2022, around 30 billionaires and millionaires have decided to leave Norway for Switzerland. A trend that is likely to continue over the coming months. What are the reasons that motivate those wealthy clients to settle in Switzerland? How can we, at WEALINS, support this clientele in the structuration and transmission of their wealth ?

  • Wealth insurance in the age of hyper-personalisation

    Wealth insurance in the age of hyper-personalisation

    At WEALINS, most of the new business is now entirely digital. This comes as no suprise: our partners and their clients are looking for innovative and high-performance solutions allowing them to save time and improve effectiveness and responsiveness. What digital offer has WEALINS put in place to meet the new expectations of its customers?

  • Succession planning and investment with a nordic flavour

    WEALINS takes a highly personalised approach to providing life insurance solutions tailored to the needs of wealthy clients across Europe. For example, they have a particular focus on the Nordic market, and deploy dedicated specialised expertise. This strategy is how the company maintains its place as one of Luxembourg’s leading providers in Nordic market and in Europe.

  • Portugal is currently in the top 3 of the markets with the highest production at Wealins.

    In a fast changing world, “innovating, developing new solutions and finding the right balance between digitalization and human relations” has been one the main mission at WEALINS, a life insurance company based in Luxembourg. Actually, this is what Letícia Soares says. Country Manager Portugal of this company, she is developing her business by designing tailor-made solutions for each client according to his specific needs and expectations. Learn more about this sector, its advantages and how it could have changed with the pandemic.