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Our solutions

"Wealth planning is justified by its quality and reliability. WEALINS is committed to developing performant, innovative and long-lasting solutions."

François Tesch, Chairman, WEALINS S.A.


Thanks to its recognised pan-European know-how. WEALINS offers solutions designed for clients having their residence in Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. WEALINS also offers, under certain conditions, customised solutions outside of the European Economic Area.

The portability of the policy means that WEALINS provides support to policyholders throughout their domestic and professional development and across national borders. WEALINS provides life insurance policies that can generally be adapted to new legal and fiscal frameworks for policyholders who change their countries of residence.

WEALINS’ solutions provide access to a range of underlying financial assets, which are generally more comprehensive than those available to insurers established in the client’s country of residence :

  • bond funds
  • equities
  • UCITs
  • money market funds
  • listed or unlisted securities

For a more comprehensive list, please refer to the MiFID Directive financial instruments list.

The investment strategy is defined by the policyholder and depends on his profile, invested amount and estate. WEALINS ensures that the financial instruments are suiting the principle of precaution and long-term nature of life insurance.

For WEALINS, the life insurance contract is a tool that enables policyholders to pass on their estate according to their own wishes. In order to ensure adaptability to a client’s changing situation, the choice of beneficiaries can, for example, be changed throughout the lifetime of the contract, provided that certain conditions are met.

WEALINS’ contracts benefit from the principle of tax neutrality. It means that non-resident policyholders and beneficiaries are exempt from taxation in Luxembourg. Policyholders and beneficiaries are thus bound by the applicable tax regime in their country of tax residence.

WEALINS operates from Luxembourg under the freedom to provide services (EU‘s third life insurance directive). This regulatory framework allows the company to market its life insurance products in the EU and, by extension, in the European Economic Area, with no obligation to open a daughter company in those countries. This means a Luxembourgish insurer can sell a life insurance contract to a policyholder residing in another EU country.

In Luxembourg, the “triangle of security” mechanism offers to the policyholder of a life insurance contract or a capitalisation bond, one of the most robust security models in Europe. It is materialised by the signature of a tripartite agreement between the insurance company, every depositary bank and the Luxembourg Insurance Supervisor (Commissariat aux Assurances). The latter performs quarterly checks on the balance between the insurance company’s commitments toward its clients and the assets representing these commitments.

Thanks to this mechanism, the policyholder benefits from various advantages:

  • separation of clients’ assets from those of an insurance company's shareholders and other creditors
  • separation of the company’s investments made on behalf of its clients from the other assets held by the depositary bank
  • “super-privilege”: in the event that the insurance company defaults, the policyholder has senior debt ranking on regulated assets

Advantages of Luxembourg life insurance

Luxembourg means :