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As a specialist in life insurance contracts under the Freedom to Provide Services (FPS) from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, WEALINS is active in nine European markets including Sweden.

Specially designed for Swedish tax residents and in certain cases for Swedish citizens living abroad, the solution developed by WEALINS responds to the needs and expectations of a wealthy clientele looking for tailored solutions. In particular it can, on certain conditions, support clients in their geographical mobility. Recognised locally from a legal and tax point of view, it benefits from the advantages of Luxembourg prudential law.

By opting for a Luxembourg life insurance or capitalisation contract, policyholders also benefit from:

  • Luxembourg know-how in the field of life insurance and capitalisation contracts distributed under the FPS regime;
  • Optimal protection, unique in Europe, known as the “Triangle of Security”;
  • Access to a wide range of eligible underlying assets;
  • Tax neutrality in Luxembourg.

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