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Consultez les informations relatives aux cookies

Informations relatives aux cookies

As with a number of websites, our website www.wealins.comand sites that are linked or related to WEALINS may store or retrieve information from the user's internet browser. This generally takes the form of cookies.

By accessing WEALINS websites, the user accepts the cookie policy. The user shall also authorise cookies to be stored on his/her computer which then will be temporary stored in a space reserved for this purpose.

Cookies are small text files which are often encrypted and are found in browser folders (browser cookies or tracking cookies). Cookies are used to improve the user's browsing experience on the website and to perform certain actions, such as website optimisation. Cookies also enable the website to recognise the user.

Deactivating cookies may mean that you cannot access or use If you refuse permission for cookies to be stored on your computer, or if you delete cookies that have already been stored, certain functions that may be essential for using certain parts of our website will no longer be accessible and/or useable. WEALINS shall accept no responsibility for inability to access and altered or reduced functioning of the website and services due to the deletion of cookies by the user or his/her refusal to authorise the storage of these cookies.

WEALINS shall undertake to respect the privacy of the website user by not authorising the association of cookies with information that could allow the user to be identified personally. The user shall not, therefore, be identified from his/her personal address, date of birth, name or other personal information. WEALINS shall also undertake not to provide advertisers or third party sites with any information and shall guarantee the anonymity of cookie data.

Google Analytics, Google AdWords Conversion Tracking and Google Remarketing

This website uses Google Analytics, Google AdWords Conversion Tracking and Google Remarketing. Google uses cookies that are stored on the user's computer to analyse the way the user browses the site.

Google Analytics collects information anonymously. The website statistics do not contain any personal information relating to the users of the website. DoubleClick cookies are used to send information to third parties who then process the data in order to ensure remarketing through products such as AdWords in the Google network. Information, such as the time of the visit, is saved by these cookies. Additional information, including whether this is the user's first visit to the site, what information about the site guided the user to the web page, etc. is also saved by the cookies. This information is then sent to a Google server in the United States, where it is saved. Where applicable, Google can communicate this information to a third party in accordance with legal obligations or if a third party processes this data on behalf of Google. Google shall respect the provisions relating to US Safe Harbour data privacy and appears on the list of participants in the US Department of Commerce Safe Harbor program. For Google Adwords Conversion Tracking, a cookie is used to track the success rates once you have clicked on an AdWords ad. With Google remarketing, the way in which users surf website pages is saved anonymously via cookies for marketing purposes and used to show ads that are tailored to your interests.

Personal data enabling the identity of website users to be known are not gathered or saved in any way by this system. The collecting and saving of data may be suspended at any time. You can discover how cookies are used for Google Adwords Conversion Tracking and Google Remarketing at how to deactivate them at

If the user would like to deactivate Google Analytics, an add-on must be installed for his/her browser. This can be downloaded at

By using this website, the user hereby accepts that data about him/her shall be stored and processed within the abovementioned aims. Additional information regarding advertisements on Google and data protection are available at